Our Journals


Our journals are fully peer-reviewed by prominent academic editors and reviewers.

Editorial Board of each journal comprises of academics from institutions all over the world. Collaboration of each Editorial Board increases the quality of the peer review process which supports our vision through making sure that every submitted manuscript is reviewed under high ethical standards and following through with fair decisions on publication.

Andromeda ensures that every submitted manuscript will have a perfect editorial and production services. Accordingly, when a manuscript is submitted, it passes through many different stages handled by Andromeda's editorial, production, and technological teams.

To maintain the quality of our stages, Article Processing Charges will be charged for every accepted manuscript to cover the costs of the different stages from submission to publication. The Article Processing Charges are displayed in the submission preparation checklist for each journal.

Conference Organization & Proceedings

Conference Organization & Proceedings

Academic Services

Academic Services

We offer academic services of different kinds through our network extending from the United state, United Kingdom, Egypt and India.
Our academic services include:

  • Providing academic accreditation for courses provided by different training organizations.
  • Organizing conferences and workshops to facilitate the knowledge exchange worldwide
  • Organizing topic-specific schools including world renowned scholars to deliver the latest research to younger researchers in different fields

About Us


Andromeda was established in 2017 by a distinguished group of academics and scientists from the United Kingdom, United States, and Egypt. We offer publishing and academic services of different kinds through our network extending from the United state, United Kingdom, Egypt and India.

Andromeda's growing team is passionate about cooperating with the international academic community to sponsor and deliver open scholarly research to the widest possible audience.

Besides publishing, Andromeda's role is extended to offering academic services of several categories throughout its launching network in USA, UK, Egypt and India. One of which is to provide academic accreditation of courses offered by different training organizations.
We have also inaugurated the conference proceedings publications through Andromeda Conference Proceedings.

Our Philosophy

At Andromeda, we believe the open access model is the future of academic publishing. Making the results of research immediately and freely available to everyone is overwhelmingly appealing. Our academic team has experienced firsthand what it feels like to be restricted from accessing publicly funded research while being in the middle of one’s own scholarly work. Likewise, they have experienced the immediate benefits brought about by the rising popularity of the open access movement in the publishing industry. Our decision to adopt the open access model stems from the following facts: The model facilitates the dissemination of knowledge and is thus in line with our core corporate values. The model is practical and has a proven track record of success. Given its obvious advantages, as well as its wide appeal, the model represents the future of academic publishing.

More details can be seen in the following video.

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