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Quantum Information and Quantum Computing

Course Overview:

    In Classical Computers, the treatment of the information is through the binary system 0 or 1, and the process of such Classical Informations sometimes takes an enormous period of time. However, the revolution of Quantum Mechanics and its application especially in this field starting with Richard Feynmann has changed our insight for treating the information by applying the principles of this theory like Superposition's principle, so in the meantime we can construct a quantum state based on the linear combination of both 0 and 1. This idea opened the gate for a new field, called: Quantum Information and Quantum Computing, and this led to a new generation of extremely fast computers: Quantum Computers that work with Qubits instead of Classical bits.

Lecturer Name

Prof. David Kribs, Institute of Quantum Computing (IQC), Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.


    We will give a quick review on Dirac's Formalism of Quantum Mechanics, then we will move to the Von Neumann's Formalism of QM using the Matrix Density. In addition to that, we will discuss Entangled States and Quantum Gates like Hadamart and Quantum Channels and Circuits like Deutsch Circuits. The last part will focus on the relationship between the Quantum Theory of Gravity and Quantum Information and recent proposal of Solution for The Black Hole Information's Paradox and Riu-Takaynaji Entanglement Entropy.

Course Duration:

Four Weeks as total duration (two lectures per Week, 02 hours for each)
Total Hourly Volume: 16 Hours to 20 hours as maximum.


Will be announced soon

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