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Dr. Mohammed Akram Fellah

Project Manager of Andromeda's Online Courses


    Dr, Mohammed Akram Fellah is currently an Assistant Professor in Theoretical Physics. He received his PhD in Mathematical Physics from University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, and his doctoral thesis was about "Holographic Entanglement Entropy & Vertex Algebras on the Corner" He Obtained two MScs degrees, one in Theoretical Physics from Constantine University, and the other one in Mathematics at University of CapeTown, South Africa.

His actual research interest on String Theory, especially AdS/CFT Correspondence, understanding of fundamental Structure of Spacetime Via Dualities, the relationship between Quantum Gravity and Quantum Information. 

He had several participations with talks in many International Conferences and Summer Schools in ICTP, CERN Nottingham U, PI, Lebedev Institute. He had a teaching experience in Advanced courses in Theoretical Physics and even Mathematics at University of Waterloo and African Institute for Mathematical Sciences  (AIMS)  including, Quantum Field Theory,  Quantum Gravity,  Algebraic Topology, Khovanov Homology, Knot Theory, ..... He also had experience in programming with Python, SAGE, R, C++, Matlab,. Now, he is the Project Manager of Andromeda's Online Courses.